Inside Spain (16 February-16 March)

Tax treaty with Gibraltar comes into force.

European Parliament strips Puigdemont of immunity, opening path to extradition.

Deputy PM Iglesias to run in snap Madrid regional election.

COVID incidence rate plummets, but restrictions remain in place.

Unemployment above 4 million, OECD lifts growth forecast.

Iberdrola and VW plan electric-car production.

Inside Spain (18 January-15 February)

Official Development Aid to double.

Socialists win Catalan election but separatist parties boost their overall majority.

Spain slips in EIU Democracy Index but is still a ‘full democracy’.

Tourism prospects threaten to weaken economic recovery.

Navantia wins US navy contract.

Inside Spain (16 December 2020-18 January 2021)

Madrid and London strike tentative free movement deal over Gibraltar.

COVID-19 incidence rate more than trebles to 689 cases per 100,000 people.

Parliament approves law allowing euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Pandemic suspends Catalan election amid declining support for independence.

Government holds to its recovery forecast, despite third pandemic wave impact.

Inside Spain (17 November-16 December)

COVID-19 incidence rate drops to almost 200, but still far from target of 25.

New education law reignites language wars.

Pro-independence Catalan parties set to win 50% of votes in upcoming election.

Government secures sufficient votes for parliament’s approval of 2021 budget.

Spain in 14th position in new human development index.

Inside Spain (19 October-17 November)

Venezuelan opposition leader flees to Madrid.

Most regions seal off their borders as virus pandemic cases remain high.

Government sees off no-confidence vote amid deepening divisions in the right.

2021 budget finally unveiled with tax rises for rich and hike in social spending.

Cellnex buys CK Hutchison’s European towers for €10 billion.