Spain’s Transition to Democracy (1975-78)

William Chislett covered Spain’s transition to democracy between 1975 and 1978. He worked with Harry Debelius, the newspaper’s chief correspondent in Madrid. This archive, created by the Spanish Transition Foundation ( also includes articles by Chislett published in The Spectator, The New Statesman and The International Herald Tribune. They can be searched.

The Spanish Transition Foundation published in February 2011 my Paper on the foreign press during the transition (in Spanish and English). See

The last of the three links above takes you to the chapter in my book on Spain, published by Oxford University Press in September 2013, which answers 13 key questions about the transition, concerning the political process, the protagonists, the role of King Juan Carlos, the media and social mobilization, the economics of the transition and the new constitution.

Articles published in 1975

Articles published in 1976

Articles published in 1977

Articles published in 1978