Inside Spain (20 March-16 April)

Spain and Saudi Arabia sign controversial warships deal worth €2bn.

Catalan independence struggle goes international.

Basque terrorist group ETA plans to dissolve by mid-June.

Spain finally meets budget deficit target in 2017, but still no budget for 2018.

ACS wins €1bn bydroelectric contract in Canada.

Inside Spain 

Inside Spain (22 January-20 February)

Economy Minister Luis de Guindos secures ECB vice-presidency.
Government digs in over Catalan independence crisis.
Spain barely remains a ‘full democracy’, drops in EIU ranking.
Exports of goods notch up yet another record.
ACS wins €3.3 billion contract for Montreal’s automatic passenger transport system.
Catalan independence crisis causes German company to cancel €6mn laboratory.

Inside Spain (19 December 2017-22 January 2018)

Spain to boost defence spending and send more troops abroad.
New Catalan parliament’s pro-independence speaker calls for deposed Puigdemont to be re-elected the region’s Premier.
Catalan electoral success propels Ciudadanos towards national victory.
Madrid fails to fully implement any of the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption measures.
Economy revives, but growth could be stymied by Catalan independence crisis
Spanish-built high-speed train in Saudi Arabia successfully completes first test run.

Catalonia secessionist parties regain control of the region’s parliament

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s gamble that the snap election he called would help return Catalonia, one of Spain’s richest regions, to ‘normality and legality’ did not pay off, as the three pro-independence parties again won a narrow majority in the Catalan parliament on under 50% of the vote and a record turnout of 82%.