Inside Spain (21 July-20 September 2021)

Spain evacuates 2,200 people from Afghanistan, praised by EU and US

Government hits target of fully vaccinating 70% of population

Protracted talks begin with Catalan secessionists

Staycation rescues key tourism sector from fall in international visitors, inflation surges

Minimum wage to rise 1.6% to €1,125

Inside Spain (23 June-20 July, 2021)

India pips Spain in Elcano Global Presence Index.

Sánchez reshuffles his cabinet.

COVID-19 incidence rate surges sixfold in a month.

International tourism receipts set to fall by €20 billion in summer months.

Volkswagen moves to establish e-mobility hub.

Inside Spain (5 May-23 June 2021)

Spain wins European Parliament support over Morocco conflict.

Government grants controversial pardons for Catalan separatists.

Coronavirus incidence rate below 100, obligatory use of masks outside ends 26 June.

European Commission approves Spain’s COVID recovery plan.

Spain sets its sights on 2050.